TAP For Bristol supported record amount of homeless and vulnerable people this Christmas 

24/01/22 – Press release

Bristol’s leading contactless donation scheme, TAP for Bristol, donated £5,000 to Caring in Bristol’s Flagship Christmas project that provided direct support to 338 individuals on the streets of Bristol. This vital support helped 36 individuals get haircuts, 30 receive vaccines and 22 individuals to receive personal advice and services that helped them into housing. TAP donations also supported 1300 sandwiches being handed out, 1050 lunches and 660 breakfasts being served out to those who were sleeping rough over the harsh holiday period.

TAP for Bristol is an initiative from Bristol City Centre BID in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Redcliffe & Temple BID.

Since Bristol City Centre BID installed the first contactless donation point opposite College Green back in September 2019, £25,000 has been provided for Caring in Bristol to continue to develop and grow their Homelessness Prevention project which has launched a bespoke support service in East Bristol, directing people in financial difficulty away from homelessness. 

The remaining £25,000 has been shared between Caring in Bristol’s Caring at Christmas project and two other Bristol charities (St Mungos, Second Step). These funds have provided a range of financial support for individuals, including; money to enable people to travel to use health services, access laundry or wash facilities or helping to create a home and build a life away from the streets by providing beds/bedding and basic kitchen essentials.

The donations received from TAP for Bristol have so far helped 405 people directly who have benefited from the emergency support aspect of the scheme. Also, with the ongoing funding support for homelessness prevention services, donations received will enable Caring in Bristol and CHAS to provide advice and support for hundreds more families and individuals across Bristol.

The fund is administered by the Quartet Community Foundation and as the Bristol City Centre BID covers all costs and transaction fees, this means that 100% of every donation has gone directly to support those who need it.

Paula Ratcliffe, the project lead for TAP for Bristol at Bristol BID, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to help fund the Caring at Christmas project which provides vital support for those in need. This is all thanks to the generosity of the people of Bristol who have, despite the challenges of the past 2 years, once again shown their commitment to helping those less fortunate in our society. 

The scheme would also not be possible without the businesses that host the contactless donation points and so we are very grateful to them all for their continued support and belief in TAP for Bristol.

We are committed to continue funding TAP for Bristol and in our partnership with Caring in Bristol to help solve homelessnness in our city and I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has tapped and spent £3 or donated to the Just Giving page, we wouldn’t be here without you.”

someone donating to a tap point

Caring in Bristol Director Ben Richardson adds:

“Generous Bristolians are always asking Caring in Bristol how they can support people they see on the street and we are proud to say that tapping your local contactless point not only aids prevention, stopping people from ending up on the street in the first place. But this year your taps directly supported the South West’s largest Christmas homelessness project. Meaning that thousands of Bristolians were a part of creating a day-centre pop up providing free meals, sanctuary from the cold, entertainment, advice and compassion. Thank you for tapping.”

The pioneering scheme supports homelessness prevention alongside emergency support, making it unique throughout the UK. Since its launch in 2019, the scheme has worked with businesses to install contactless donation points in the windows of popular bars, cafes, and businesses in high-footfall areas throughout the city centre, giving passers-by the option to make a secure and contactless donation of £3 for every tap.

If you would like to be a part of making Bristol ‘the city that solves homelessness’ you can donate, safe in the knowledge that every penny will be used to tackle homelessness through both prevention work and emergency support. You can also donate online.