£20,000 donated to homelessness prevention services


TAP for Bristol has reached the milestone of £40,000 raised via more than 13,000 individual donations from generous Bristolians.

£20,000 has been provided for Caring in Bristol and CHAS Bristol’s prevention work to support their new Bristol Homelessness Prevention Partnership aimed at people who have struggled with rent payments and managing bills throughout the pandemic.

Funding provided by TAP for Bristol helped this new partnership leverage an additional investment of £50,000.  

CHAS Bristol and Caring in Bristol have been able to support over 300 people with their housing issues in the last 12 months. This work ensured that households were either rehoused, prevented from becoming homeless, or saw the conditions of their housing improved.

Caring in Bristol, in partnership with CHAS Bristol, have created two caring handbooks to provide local and accessible advice for anyone at risk of losing their home in Bristol.

Both the Housing Support Handbook and COVID-19 handbook are free to download and can be distributed amongst communities for a small donation of £20.

The Caring Handbook
Multiple handbooks stacked on top of eachother