Help make Bristol the city that
solves homelessness


An initiative from Bristol City Centre BID in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Redcliffe and Temple BID

TAP for Bristol is a new way of giving money to help solve homelessness in Bristol, ensuring your donation goes directly to those who need it.

You’ll find TAP for Bristol donation points located in the windows of businesses and on contactless devices in offices, cafés and bars around the city centre, allowing you to make a simple and secure donation of £3 per tap, using your contactless credit or debit card.

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This contactless fundraising initiative is being delivered by Bristol City Centre Business
Improvement District (BID) in partnership with local homelessness charity Caring in Bristol
and Quartet Community Foundation.

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Where your donations have gone

All money raised is divided equally between Caring in Bristol’s homelessness prevention work and small grants to other organisations working with those experiencing homelessness, such as Second Step and St Mungo’s.

Homelessness prevention

£25,000 has been provided for Caring in Bristol and CHAS Bristol’s prevention work, helping to support those who have struggled with rent payments and managing bills throughout the pandemic.

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Emergency support

£25,000 worth of grants have been provided for emergency homelessness support via Second Step, St Mungo’s and the Caring at Christmas project.

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Funding opportunities

We are currently seeking applications from local organisations and charities to apply for the next £10,000 of funds raised. Applications are assessed by Quartet Community Foundation.  

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Why donate to TAP for Bristol

Helping to solve Bristol’s homelessness relies on our city’s ability to support long-term prevention programmes tackling systemic issues around homelessness.

Early intervention is critical to preventing homelessness, as is raising awareness about the complexities that surround homelessness.

TAP for Bristol supports new work in homelessness prevention whilst also helping those needing emergency care. Donations are divided equally between local front-line services and Caring in Bristol.

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Young woman donating at a tap for Bristol point

  ‘Your help has given my family a home. I cannot thank you enough.’ – TAP for Bristol Beneficiary

How to apply for a grant

TAP for Bristol is not another charity, it is a project that is seeking to unite local homeless charities –
supporting them through grants made possible by the fundraising initiative. The income generated through fundraising will be managed, monitored and evaluated by Quartet Community Foundation.

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Rather than running a competitive grant application process with limited and unpredictable funds. The City Centre BID would like to receive via Quartet one or two partnerships applications from organisations working directly with homeless people.

The initiative is open to considering proposals for support from experienced organisations that have a sound knowledge of the current service shortfalls.

It is critical that applications are focused on supporting a life away from living on the streets. Applications must also be for the specific needs of an individual currently seeking support.

Some examples of the types of support we would encourage include:

  • Buying a bike for someone to attend interviews and/or work
  • Supporting access to educational or rehabilitative course
  • Clothing for an interview or work
  • White or electrical goods for housing
  • Communication
  • Health and well being

If you are interested and want to know if you are eligible to apply, or need help with developing your partnership,

Please contact Quartet for more information.

Local homeless support charity Caring in Bristol, who are also partners of TAP for Bristol, will receive 50% of all donations to fund new work in prevention and education of homelessness. They will be supporting people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, whilst also raising awareness among those of us living, working and travelling through the city about how we can help.

Please contact us for more information

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What is TAP For Bristol?

TAP for Bristol is a not-for-profit initiative from the Bristol City Centre BID in partnership with Caring in Bristol.

This fundraising initiative was based on the success of the 2018 Caring at Christmas partnership between the organisations. The campaign raised £28,500 in just four weeks from an initial investment of £3,500 from the Bristol City Centre BID. The social campaign reached more than 75,000 people over the same period. The donations supported both a day and night shelter for those that would otherwise have been sleeping rough. It provided hot meals, social interaction and support from service providers.

Who is Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID)?

The City Centre BID exists solely to introduce significant improvements for the benefit of levy payers (those businesses within the BID area that have a rateable value of more than £25,000 per year). Its aim is to ensure Bristol sustains its reputation as a safe, attractive and welcoming city centre for all who spend time here, whether living, studying, visiting or working.

The City Centre BID is funding the TAP for Bristol campaign so that every penny of the money donated by the general public can go towards helping those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

Who is Caring in Bristol?

This local charity develops and delivers vital support to homeless and vulnerable people. They find gaps in Bristol’s provision for those experiencing homelessness and work together with our community to create innovative projects to fill them. From prevention to emergency support we are here for Bristol.

How is Quartet Community Foundation involved?

Quartet Community Foundation is a charity that works across the West of England, bringing together people who want to help the local community with the projects that make a real difference. It will manage all the donations that come through TAP for Bristol, allocating half of the donations to Caring in Bristol and the other half through a grant application process.

Where does my donation go?

Every single penny of your £3 donation will go to charity. 

Your donation will be divided equally between Caring in Bristol, supporting their homeless prevention service, and via small grants to local homelessness charities applying on behalf of named individuals.

The City Centre BID covers all transaction fees and operational costs.

How do I know it’s safe?

Contactless donating is the future of fundraising and is the safest way to give. Machines are locked to the TAP for Bristol bank account, which Quartet Community Foundation is securely managing.

Each transaction is encrypted by third parties immediately, so we capture no personal data and your card details are kept safe.

Where can I donate?

We plan to continue adding contactless points across Bristol City Centre.  You can find all our locations on this map, or alternatively, you can donate online.

Are you telling people not to give directly to people they see on the streets?

TAP for Bristol provides an alternative way to give money to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. All donations are being monitored and evaluated by Quartet Community Foundation, so we will be able to evidence the positive impact that the initiative is having.

Why not just donate to existing charities?

TAP for Bristol is not another charity, it is a fundraising initiative that is uniting local homeless charities. It is providing an alternative method of fundraising to help these homeless charities support the people they work with through small grants and investment in services which tackle the root causes of homelessness.

Can I host a unit?

Yes, you can! Please get in touch ( and we can talk you through the process to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Please email for refunds and receipts.

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TAP for Bristol is an initiative from Bristol City Centre BID in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Redcliffe and Temple BID